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Leitrim Public Participation Network (PPN)

is a network of not for profit community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental organisations working together to improve and enhance the quality of life of our citizens in Leitrim.

Leitrim Public Participation Network is your opportunity to input into local policy decisions that affect your Community through representation on Local Authority Committees and other Boards.

Leitrim PPN also provides its members with training and capacity building opportunities, keeps members informed of available grants and funding, provides networking opportunities for members through the Plenary (gathering of groups) and keeps members up to date with Community News, Events, Supports and Resources via our forthnightly e-bulletin and social media platforms.

Leitrim PPN Member Groups

PPN Member Groups Chart

Currently Leitrim PPN have over 400 groups registered from the Social Inclusion, Community and Voluntary and Environmental sectors.  Leitrim PPN have reps on over 13 different local authority and boards/committees. This gives members a strong voice in local decision-making.

Public Participation Networks

Public Participation Networks (PPNs) came about following the report of the Working Group on Citizen Engagement with Local Government published in 2013, which recommended that communities be given more of a say in decisions taken by local government (that is, their Local Authorities or councils). The recommended way to do this was through the PPNs, which were written into law in the Local Government Reform Act 2014. This law means that there should be a PPN in every Local Authority area.

The main reason the PPNs were set up is to enable community groups to be represented and to feed into local government decision-making in a way that is fair, clear and respectful. The PPNs have three main areas of interest, also called ‘Colleges’ or ‘Pillars’.

These Colleges or Pillars are a collection of Member Groups that have the same interest.

Social Inclusion figures
Social Inclusion Pillar
Community and Voluntary figures
Community and Voluntary Pillar
Environmental figures
Environmental Pillar

The Colleges or Pillars nominate and elect people from within their Member Groups to represent them on some of the Boards and Committees set up by the Local Authorities and other bodies. This is key to the participation part of the Public Participation Networks. This is how the voices of Member Groups are included and heard when it comes to the policy decision making process.

Leitrim PPN Organisational Structure

Leitrim PPN Organisational Structure

Leitrim PPN is funded by the Department of Community and Rural Development and Leitrim County Council and hosted by Leitrim Development Company in Drumshanbo

Leitrim PPN Bilingual Logo

Mission Statement of Leitrim PPN

To promote the wellbeing of present and future generations and inclusive community participation in the economic, social and environmental development of County Leitrim

The Principles and Values of Leitrim PPN

Leitrim PPN works to a set of principles and values that all of Ireland’s Public Participation Networks uphold. These principles are designed to make Leitrim PPN responsive to local needs and opinions, whilst maintaining its impartiality and ensuring access to all sections of Leitrim’s community and voluntary sector.

The principles and values of Leitrim PPN are represented visually in the following diagram, the principles and values it contains are explained below.

The main principles and values of Leitrim PPN are that it aims to be Inclusive, Participatory, Independent, Valuing of Diversity, Transparent and Accountable.

  •  Leitrim PPN aims to be Inclusive of all volunteer led organisations in their area, and actively seeks the inclusion of groups which may traditionally be seen as marginalised.
  • Leitrim PPN aims to be Participatory, open, welcoming, respectful, collaborative and helpful. Leitrim PPN encourages participation by members in all aspects of its operation. It is a flat structure. Clear communications to and from members, using traditional and new methods, are essential to achieve this. Leitrim PPN will support new or inexperienced members to develop their skills and capacity.
  • Leitrim PPN is Independent from the Local Authority and of any vested interests. Open, flat and participatory working structures support this.
  • Leitrim PPN Values Diversity and recognises that the sectors it facilitates are broad and made up of people with many different opinions. Leitrim PPN aims to provide feedback for its members and the general public on the issues and suggestions raised by a broad range of environmental, social inclusion, community and voluntary groups.
  • Leitrim PPN attempts to be as Transparent as possible in its processes, procedures, dealings with its member groups, representatives and the Local Authority. Leitrim PPN aims to communicate openly, regularly and clearly with all members.
  • Leitrim PPN is Accountable to its member groups. It achieves this through implementing and abiding by good governance structures, policies and procedures.