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The benefits of joining Leitrim PPN

  • Valuable local and regional networking opportunities
  • Greater access to regular community news and information through our social media & e bulletin (every 2 weeks)
  • The opportunity to advertise members activities via the PPN newsletter & social media
  • Highlighting of Training and Funding opportunities, Consultations & Submissions
  • Potential to influence policy making decisions relevant to County Leitrim
  • Linkage Groups bring together organisations with a common interest to discuss their views and interests in a specific policy area linked to Committee or Boards with PPN Representation. Each Member Group is encouraged to join one or more of the 3 PPN’s Linkage Groups.

Who can join Leitrim PPN?

To join the PPN, a group must:

  • Be active in Leitrim County
  • Have more than five (5) members
  • Be non-party political and non-sectarian
  • Have a minimum of six months in existence

Who can’t Join Leitrim PPN

Political parties may not join the PPN nor any organisations which have the aim of the promotion of a particular party or candidate.

Businesses or trade unions may not join the PPN – note this is not because we don’t like them, it’s because they or organisations representing their issues have already got their own seats on council committees and decision making bodies.