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Leitrim PPN Reps

A PPN Rep is someone who has been appointed by the PPN to represent the PPN on a committee, board or advisory group. PPN Reps can highlight issues, raise questions and in some cases submit motions for discussion on behalf of the PPN. The PPN Rep does not represent their own community group, but the PPN as a whole. As well as attending meetings of the board or committee the PPN Rep sits on, the PPN Rep must also attend PPN related meetings. 

Leitrim PPN have reps on the following council committees, boards and forums:


Leitrim PPN

Role of Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs)

The Council is and remains the decision making Authority, and it is the task of the SPCs, as committees of the Council, to advise and assist the Council in the formulation, development and review of policy. The remit of the SPC is to deal only with policy matters and as such they are strategic in nature. They have no remit in relation to routine operational matters in relation to delivery of services. The SPC system is intended to give Councillors and relevant Sectoral Interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy making process from an early stage.


Travel Policy for Leitrim PPN – 2024

Leitrim PPN

Leitrim PPN Representatives Charter

Leitrim PPN

Leitrim PPN Representative Reporting Template

Leitrim PPN