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Learn About Leitrim PPN Membership

The Municipal Districts

The Pillars of the PPN

Leitrim PPN
Basic Information

Main Contact Details

Alternate Contact Details

Please note - in accordance with GDPR - if you are supplying details of your alternate contact, you must have permission to do so.

Group Information

This must be a dd/mm/yyyy

Documents Required

In order for the Secretariat to review your group's application the following documents are required:
- A copy of your group’s Constitution.

- Minutes of one of the following
  • your most recent AGM 
  • your most recent committee meeting

PDF or MS Word format only please

PDF or MS Word format only please
Linkage Groups

Which of the following Linkage Groups are of interest to your group?
(Linkage Groups are the way that PPN Member Groups can have a real input into policy in their area of operation. Linkage Groups bring together organisations with a common interest to discuss their views and interests in a specific policy area linked to Committee or Board with PPN Representation)

What will Leitrim PPN do with your information?

Groups joining Leitrim PPN are providing us with their contact details in order to enable them to be fully consulted and included in the local democratic processes as well as in the national network of PPNs. 

Groups joining the PPN are entering an agreement that the details they supply may be shared with other members of the network, with the elected representatives of the PPN, with members of Leitrim PPN’s secretariat, with the Environmental Pillar, with Leitrim County Council and with other bodies or persons who require access in order to facilitate the ongoing work of the PPN. 

When you join Leitrim PPN you are also agreeing to receive emails and newsletters from us with valuable funding and training information, details on consultations and submissions and community news of member groups.

You are also agreeing to have your group/organisation name and location displayed in the members directory on Leitrim PPN website. The members directory is a database of all the active community and voluntary, social inclusion and environmental organisations in Co. Leitrim. 

Leitrim PPN will not supply the information provided to it to any person or organisation not engaged in PPN work or activities or in the community and voluntary sector in Leitrim.


Registering with Leitrim Public Participation Network (PPN) does not in any way automatically qualify your group for grant funding from the various funding bodies. The decision to grant funding to groups is solely the responsibility of the grant funding bodies and Leitrim PPN have absolutely no involvement in this decision-making process.