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Linkage Groups are the way that PPN Member Groups can have a real input into policy in their area of operation. Linkage Groups bring together organisations with a common interest to discuss their views and interests in a specific policy area linked to a Committee or Board with PPN Representation.

Each Member Group of Leitrim PPN is encouraged to join one or more of the PPN’s Linkage Groups. These are specific-purpose sub-groups of the PPN matched to Local Authority Committees or Boards and other agencies in the Local Authority area.

Linkage Groups may also input into consultations on behalf of the PPN. This helps the Member Groups to gain a deeper understanding of the local policy process as they get to discuss the work of these Boards or Committees with the Representative, provide inputs for the Representative to carry forward at their meetings and get feedback from the Representative.  At least one member of the Secretariat will sit on each Linkage Group. Linkage Group activity must be member led.  Each Linkage Group has a facilitator who manages meetings and the work plan of each group. The Facilitators are appointed for 3 years and have received formal training focusing on skills for encouraging participation and managing meetings.

Linkage Groups drive the work of the PPN.


This is an opportunity to network for all group members, while exploring issues that are deeply relevant for the local community, such as planning, transport, climate initiatives, integration, county development, community wellbeing, disability issues, heritage and more.


Membership open to active members of Leitrim PPN membership groups only. Leitrim PPN members can join one, several or all 3 Linkage Groups as they wish.

Frequency of Meetings

Linkage Groups have 3 meetings each year.